"Working with John Jablonowski is a breath of fresh air. He’s educated, responsive and goes above and beyond to help grow your business. My Disability business has tripled since joining his team. “
-Stephen Cristofori Steve
"I have known John Jablonowski for seven years and he has always been very helpful with individual disability insurance cases. On one particular case, the insured was going to receive an exclusion and rating, but John negotiated with the underwriter and the insured received a policy with a lesser rating and no exclusion. Thanks to John’s efforts, the client and myself were pleased with the results. Thank you, John “
-Harriet Haggerty
New Haven Ct. NAIFA President 2008
"I have known John Jablonowski for 10 years and I can tell you that the Jablonowski Agency is focused on making my business life easier. Their service is second to done. As a matter of fact the quote turn around time is the fastest I have ever seen.. “
-Jack Peacock, CFP
RI. NAIFA President 2001
"As an independant broker with the 40 years in the business, I have dealt with many brokerage agencies. Only a couple stand out and John Jablinowski is one of them. He IS my Disability Insurance source and I can always rely on him to give me the right products. When I call him, I get him (not some damn menu) and if he's unavailable he gets back to me in minutes, not days. This is the kind of support I need to make my life easier. In fact, at this stage of the game, I'll tolerate nothing less. He's spoiled me.
-Eli Karson, CLU"

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